Trouble with my OSX10.7.1 How to fix?

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I’m having a trouble with my OS X 10.7.1 because I can’t get out of this error message which says “Restore all Windows.”

I tried everything I know on how to fix this like uninstalling and installing it again.

But it was no help.

Please help me about this.

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Trouble with my OSX10.7.1 How to fix?


Hello Sammy Elliot,

What did you do to the system that led to you start getting that error?

Did you install some new programs; update the system by downloading and installing new updates or what?

It could have been easier to figure out the right way to troubleshoot the problem if you could have stated the action that you took to the computer prior to the error occurring.

But if you can access the windows screen that has programs, then you can try restoring the system to a state before the error started occurring. Remove any programs and updates that you installed just before the system started having those problems.

If the error persists, I am afraid to say that you may just have to format the system and install the operating system a fresh so as to remove the bugs in the old OS.


Clair Charles


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