Trouble with MS Excel values in cells

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My PC runs on Windows 7 Pro (64-bit Traditional Chinese) and has Office ’10 (32-bit Trad Chinese) and IBM Client Access V6R1M0 (64-bit English). 

When using Excel’s data transfer, the values change to 10 or 20 instead of the actual 1 or 2. This occurs randomly. Any thoughts?


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Trouble with MS Excel values in cells



You can solve this problem by right click on cell & format cell option.

…reformat them as "General", click on the
Formula bar, and press [ Enter ].

The cells also might have custom setting for those cells.

Check out the cell's format & change them to General or Number with 0 decimal places.

Another possibility your system might have an auto correct option on for such values & it may return 1 to 10 & 2 to 20.

To resolve this you can remove that auto correct formula.

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Trouble with MS Excel values in cells


Hi Robert,

This is generally a problem with the Font aspect of a particular cell.

This seems to work in some regions, but it will give you headaches when you try to transfer data from differed environments (clipboard, notepad, etc.) to your Excel spreadsheet.

In order to easily fix this visual format you can do the following:

– After transferring your data to the worksheet right click on the cells that need a closer fix.

– Choose Format Cells.

– Go to the General tab and change the format to a string.

– Click OK.

This will fix your problem.

Thank you,


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