Trouble loading Family Tree Maker 2012

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I’m having trouble loading Family Tree Maker 2012. Internet connection is fine. Is it the source?

If it is, is their another way to install it without ending up at this message?

I also tried to allow it in the firewall but nothing changed.

Family Tree Maker 2012 – InstallAware Wizard

Unable to download installation data from the web

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Trouble loading Family Tree Maker 2012


First uninstall it. The problem might be caused by a subfolder.

All you have to do is open C drive of your PC and open the Program Data folder.

Now open each folder carefully to check in which folder the Family Tree Maker subfolder belongs to.

Now go back delete the whole folder that contains it.

Now reinstall.

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Trouble loading Family Tree Maker 2012



There are few problems reported from other users regarding Family Tree Maker. There are two options:

1. Family Tree Maker's team released few updates which will fix your problem. I think problem is caused by some bug or there might be compatibility issue. Go the below link:

Now check which version of Family Tree Maker 2012 you have. There is a list on this page and update for each version is available. Update your application accordingly or have the latest updated version. I hope it will solve your problem.

2. If the problem persists, please delete each and every file from your system relevant to Family Tree Maker. You can also use any registry cleaner software. Now reinstall the software with the latest update.

Your problem will be solved.


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