Trouble encountered in opening a file

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I had a hard time opening this one kind of a file which has been just sent to me yesterday. It was sent to me with the attachment's format of an Microsoft Excel.

As I opened it after done downloading an error shows on the screen stating an Error 25091 Set up failed to change the source. Then buttons of Cancel or Retry.

I was dazed since I don't know what to do next. My first thought is that the file must be a virus. I don't have any idea about this. Please help.

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Trouble encountered in opening a file


Good day,

The file you receive is attached by a virus that's why you can't open it. You should press Cancel button instead of Retry. That certain virus with the error code 25091 is called a Sub Seven Trojan virus.

This is a result of installation that is not completed or upon uninstalling a program. You must restart your computer and reboot the system. Scanning the windows for related error is a must.

You have to download and install registry scan tool, after it wait the scanning to finish, just click the repair button to fix the error code. If problem is still the same after scanning, try to update anti-virus software and open that file again.

If again, problems still on; uninstall the office application and then reinstall the application again. Download from Microsoft website.

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Trouble encountered in opening a file


Dear Camille,

The file that you are trying to open is a virus infected file or a file that was not successfully or completely saved. Click the cancel button right away and then immediately delete the attachment along with the email.

If the email you received was from a real sender and an important one, it would be better to contact him or her and tell him or her that you have difficulty opening the file. 

Thanks and hope this helps you.

Best regards,


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