TrendMicroTitanium 6 does not comply with policy

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I have this message when I am trying to connect to work from home. I have the same antivirus on both PCs – Avast AV5. On my home PC I have this error and I cannot skip this. Any idea about this error ? How can this be solved ?

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Your computer’s security is unsatisfactory

Your computer does not meet the following security requirements. Please follow the instructions below to fix these problems. When you are done click Try again.


Reason: TrendMicroTitanium 6.0.1215 does not comply with policy. Compliance requires real time protection enabled.

Try again

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TrendMicroTitanium 6 does not comply with policy


When you said that both your computers at work and at home run on the same antivirus, Avast 5, and the image you posted is an error from Trend Micro, it seems that the computer you are using at home runs on two different antivirus and this is not possible. You can only install one antivirus on one computer because having two different antivirus programs will surely bring you problems.

Aside from your computer getting slow, you will encounter different problems because both programs will be clashing with each other. If you have Avast 5 and Trend Micro on your computer, you need to decide which of these antivirus programs you will retain on your computer because you need to uninstall the other one.

If you don’t uninstall one of the antivirus you will keep on getting that error and I think that error will prevent you from connecting to your office computer. If you uninstall Avast antivirus, you need to enable your Trend Micro and re-enable the real time scan of the antivirus.

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