Transporting data from Use Cases to a table

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Can anyone help me in transporting data from Use Cases to a table?  I am using Magic Draw to make a few diagrams using Use Case.  I already have the graphics from use case and would want to transfer or copy these to a table that would include the details.  How do I do this?

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Transporting data from Use Cases to a table


Hello Curtis Williams,

For you to transport the data from the use cases to a table, you should check to make sure that both the platforms are supported and also verify the endian (ordering of bytes) format of each platform. You can run the following query to determine this:


Incase the source platform and the target platform bear different endians, you will have to execute one more step on either the source platform or target platform to so as to convert the use case that you are transporting to the target format.

But in the case that they are of the same endianness, then no conversion will be needed, you will just transfer the use cases as if they were on the same platform.


Mahesh Babu


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