Toshiba DVD Player cannot playback

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Hi, I was using Toshiba DVD Player for the last couple of months without any error. But recently I am getting the following error message. I am using Windows 7 PC. Why do I need to change this setting? And please tell me the steps to change this setting. Thanks in advance.


Playback cannot occur with the current display settings. Please close the media player application and change your display settings as follows, and then restart your media player.

• In Windows 7: Change the Theme setting to one of the Aero themes, or change the Color Scheme setting to Windows 7 Standard.

• In Windows Vista: Change the Appearance setting to either Windows Aero or Windows Vista Standard.


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Toshiba DVD Player cannot playback


Hello Harold,

You may have made updates to your computer that requires that you change the display settings for some applications to work well and therefore you will need to do that.

Have you tried changing the settings as stated in the error message already and see what the outcome is? If you haven't then I will recommend that you try that.

You can as well try updating the Toshiba DVD player just in case the version you are using in an outdated version that cannot be able to work well with your current system settings until you update the player settings.

Hope this helps.




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Toshiba DVD Player cannot playback


Hi Rudy,

I tried to solve your problem and at last I came to a decision that without having an Aero theme running in your computer, it is impossible to function your DVD player.

So, keep an Aero theme running and get rid of the problem.

Thanks for asking.

Hathy Greave

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