Toshiba 500 GB external hard disc not responding

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I have a Toshiba external hard disc of 500 GB, for few days it is making some problem.

When I plug it into my USB drive the blue led start to blink but I did not found it in my computer. 

I have all my files over there, 

Please help me out.

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Toshiba 500 GB external hard disc not responding


Have you formatted the external HDD on a macintosh computer before?

If yes, then it won't work on a windows os, because macintosh formatting functions in a different module. You'll need to reformat the HDD again in windows. And please note that formatting will erase all your datas in your external HDD, so please back up your datas before you format it.

Have you been supplied with a single cable or y cable?

If you are supplied with a single cable then try connecting to any other port.And if you are supplied with a Y cable then connect both ends to the 2 ports at the same time, these puts the power equalisation of the external HDD.

Have you checked your external HDD whether it is unlocked or not?

If the external HDD is locked, it will not be detected. So, please check the external HDD and try to connect to usb port.

And again, there might be the chance of password protection facility. So if it is then it will not be detected, so then you'll need to unlock it by giving password with the use of your software which came with the External HDD.

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