Tor Software Quits and Stops Unexpectedly

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I installed Vidalia for my Tor software. Tor automatically opens when starting Ubuntu. Vidalia will confirm if I have an existing Tor and will connect to Tor control port. But I need to customize the Tor first to be able to allow Vidalia in connecting and start using it. But while doing this, it just quit and stops working. How can I fix this? Can anyone help me?

Vidalia Control Panel


Tor is not running

Unexpected Error

Vidalia detected that the Tor software exited unexpectedly.

Please check the message log for recent warning or error messages.

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Tor Software Quits and Stops Unexpectedly


There is a quick fix for this. Just type the following in the terminal:

sudo killall tor

Restart Vidalia and it should work. However, you need to do this every time you use Tor with Vidalia. For a permanent fix, try the following:

  1. Open the Tor configuration file by typing in the terminal: sudo gedit /etc/tor/torrc
  2. Go to line 53-60. Look for: #ControlPort 9051
  3. Remove the "#" from #ControlPort 9051. The line should just show ControlPort 9051
  4. Look for #HashedControlPassword among the lines and again, remove the #
  5. Create a password for TOR by typing this in the terminal:tor –hash-password yourpassword  ( yourpassword should be a password of your choosing )
  6. The terminal will respond by giving you some numbers and letters. Copy the whole string and put it in the configuration file after HashedControlPassword
  7. Save the file and close it. Type in the terminal sudo /etc/init.d/tor restart to restart tor
  8. Once you open vidalia, it should work properly

Hope that all helps!



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