Top features of LG G2 when compared to galaxy S4?

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Hi guys I want to know about LG G2 which did not gained popularity as much as HTC One and far behind to galaxy S4.The LG G2 is said to have equal features that galaxy s5 have at a cheaper price now more cheaper than before as it was launched in 2014 I think so.Please tell me what are its features and will it lack infeatures and perfromance when compared to S5? what you guys say I should buy LG G2 or not.

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Top features of LG G2 when compared to galaxy S4?



It is a bit confusing which phone you are trying to compare as you have mentioned both the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5. However, I am going to answer based on S5 VS G2.

LG G2 advantages:

  • 5.2" display, which is 0.1" bigger than S5
  • Despite having a bigger screen, its full body is smaller and lighter.
  • Two unique features: FM Radio and Optical image stabilization.
  • 3000mAh battery which is bigger than 2800mAh.

However, Galaxy S5 has whole lots of other features like MicroSD card, IP67-certification, higher megapixel camera, Fingerprint and Heart-rate sensor, wireless charging and also a bit thinner.

Overall, if you are OK with a bit old phone and want to spend less, LG G2 is a better option.


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