Top 5 defragmentation softwares for Windows 7

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Hi All,

Top 5 defragmentation softwares for windows 7

Can anyone help me with a list


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Top 5 defragmentation softwares for Windows 7


Hello Rsenteciera,

This are the list of top 5 Defragmenter for the year 2011.

1. Diskeeper by Diskeeper Corporation

2. O&O Defrag by O&O Software

3. PerfectDisk by RAXCO Software

4. Norton Utilities by Symantec

5. Puran Defrag by Puran Software

The ranking is based on the Effectiveness, Customer Support, and Ease of Use.

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Top 5 defragmentation softwares for Windows 7


The process of consolidation of fragmented files is called DEFRAGMENTATION.

The necessity of this process creates when after a certain time your data on the hard disk scattered and CPU use more resources to compile the data when you try to retrieve. This happens just because of writing and deleting data day by day.

This may cause the slow behavior of your system. This module is built-in feature in Windows operating Systems. This module rearrange the files and keep them collectively or fragmentally keeping in view, after this process your CPU consumption become down and process time minimized and as a result your system shows quick responses against your instructions.

You can use third party defragmentation tools for this purpose for example

  • ULTRA DEFRAG: The software is open source tool and very efficient, quick and reliable. It’s easy to use more powerful and user friendly, also have a feature to create reports in HTML format.
  • MY DEFRAG: It’s powerful windows based software which is much use full in connection with booting, regular files and rarely used files. It’s easy to install and includes the scripting language.
  • PIRIFORM DEFRAGGLER: it’s a freeware utility to defragmentation of individual files or group of files. It supports 37 main languages and gives you better results. It’s also Windows OS utility.
  • AUSLOGICS DISK DEFRAG: this is one of the best defragmentation tool which is fast and efficient. It has a feature of free space consolidation also and have an auto defragmentation process option.
  • PURAN DEFRAG: this utility collects all fragments of a file and put then combine and upgrade the performance of your hard disk. It’s an intelligent software having Optimizer feature as power tool.

Hope you understand.


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