To Fix PSN Error Code 80710092 In PS3 Consoles.

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I purchased a PS3 few days ago. I was playing ‘Dark Souls’ last night and turned the PS3 off. It started when after some time I resumed my game but was unable to sign in; instead, I received a message that said PSN error code 80710092”. I do not have a technical background at all; hence, I have not tried anything to fix it yet. Please reply ASAP.

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To Fix PSN Error Code 80710092 In PS3 Consoles.


Hi! If your PS3 is showing this error, it is nothing to worry since it is the most recurrent error in PS3 consoles. I will suggest that before you proceed to fix it, you must check whether the PlayStation network is online or not. If found offline, then there lies your problem.

Next in line is your internet connection. If it works by:

-via XMB > Network > Internet Browser

– ‘Website name.’

If you are unable to access it then, approach your service provider. If connected, then follow these steps:

-settings > Network Settings > Media Server Connection > disable.

If still disconnected, follow these steps:

-Settings > Internet Settings > Internet Connection Settings > Custom Settings

Go to IP Address Settings and change it to manual. Make a note of your previous settings and then change it to:

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Without saving return to IP address settings.

Select automatic > do not set > manual

Now recheck the DNS settings and save it. Try now!

If you still get no results, then either the internet connection is your culprit, or some maintenance job is being carried out.

Good luck to you! Hope this helps.

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