Tips on word of tank game cho Java

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Hi to everyone!

I’m a novice on war games. Anybody here familiar with word of tank game cho Java? Please someone give some ideas and tips on how to play and the rules of the game. Thanks so many guys in advance for the time given.



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Tips on word of tank game cho Java



Hi there user:

When you hear the word Tank, you think of soldiers operating it. And when there are soldiers, there’s war. Tank games maybe a bit slower, but were compared to combat games like the classic Contra and the modern Metal Slug. There’ll be adventures as you gun for little enemies, until you reach for the mother enemies, and so on… Strategy and patience will be your wingmen. Save your special weapons for heavier enemies like mother enemies which appear at the edge of each level.

Hope this helps.



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Tips on word of tank game cho Java


Hi there!

The World of Tanks game is all about strategy. Here are some tips when you play the role of a scout:

1.    Light tanks are usually considered as scouts but you need not to be a light tank in order to scout. You can also use medium tanks or tank destroyers for scouting.

2.    Light tanks don’t have the greatest view range. Many heavy tanks and even both artillery and tank destroyers have an even better view range comparing to light tanks.

3.    Light tanks are not even the fastest tanks in the game either because most medium tanks can match the speed of light tanks. Many have considered the VK 1602 Leopard as the best scouts in this game because of its top speed which is 68 kms/h but it doesn’t reach that speed most of the times.

4.    Scouting doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to move and never stop because you can provide better  and useful intel when you stop and hide.

5.    Playing as a scout is the hardest role in the game because these tanks have thin armors and scouts are expected to be front liners.

Here’s a screenshot  from The World of Tanks. This is a scout observing from a hilltop.

Have a nice day!

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