Time Matters has encountered an error

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Every time and when we open Time Matters 10 we get a Windows error message saying "General error: invalid window handle". The complete text is in the image below. I just want to resolve this issue as I am running Windows 7 Ultimate. What could be the cause of this problem? Convey the possible solutions. Thanks in advance.

Time Matters Technical Support

Time matters Error:

Time Matters has encountered an error processing your request. The message below describes the error condition. Please take any action indicated or contact Time Matters Technical Support for additional assistance.                                                                                                Advanced

Error message                            General error :invalid window handle                            Print

Additional Information                   General error :invalid window handle                            Close

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Time Matters has encountered an error


The error message that you are getting is mainly due to a Runtime Error. If the Time Matters 10 application has been functioning well before, and only started doing this recently, you can do a "System Restore" on your computer to go back to the date when it was last used and functioning well. Make sure that backups to the files and programs that were downloaded after the desired restore date are made, so that none of the files end up getting lost.

This usually happens if a certain driver or .dll file has been updated and/or removed.If the system restore is not a viable option at this stage, a program reinstallation [for Time Matters 10]can be done to fix the problem. However, if a program reinstall is to be done, make sure that the current program is uninstalled completely and a computer reboot is done prior to the program reinstall.

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