Thunderbird crashes in the middle of work

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Hello folks,

I am using my Thunderbird for my work creating emails and responding client needs, while working I encountered an error that I can't understand, its too technical


AppName: thunderbird.exe                AppVer: 1.8.20080.42104                   ModName: ntdll.dll

ModVer: 5.1.2600.5512                      Offset: 00011669

To view technical information about the error report, click here.

This started a few days ago, but its still tolerable for its only seldom to exist, but now while working, its very annoying. I could no longer work, since its stopped at the middle to display that error message.

I removed Thunderbird and re installed it, as I try the same thing happens. same error message will appear at any time, I don't have any idea on the error. If you have some experience with this error, please share on how you get it done.


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Thunderbird crashes in the middle of work


Hi. That message can be really annoying but here are some steps I can suggest you do and see if it helps.

  • You really have to reinstall it, but before allowing it to start, check out and follow the steps from this site first
  • Then follow the following steps to start the Profile Manager in Windows.
  • Close (Do not Stat) Thunderbird completely and click File > Exit on the Thunderbird Main Menu.  
  • Go to Start > Run and type thundernird.exe – profile manager and click Ok.
  • Then to start the Create Profile Wizard, click on the Create Profile > click Next > type the name of the profile (could be a name of your choice) and hit Finish for Thunderbird to create a new profile. 

Check out if it helps you.


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