“Thread fault IdentThread” on Disk Recovery

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Every time I try to recover my disk the following error message appears.

Please come up with a solution for me as I want to avoid it by all means.


An error has occurred and it is not possible to continue execution The program will now terminate.

The error message was Thread fault Ident Thread Do you want to anonymously submit the error report?

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“Thread fault IdentThread” on Disk Recovery


Hi there!

As I researched about your problem, I've found out that your drive is not readable. A bad block filling all the available memory causing the failure of the drive. Try to connect the drive directly to the motherboard of your PC. This means that you need to connect the drive to the IDE/SATA on the motherboard like you usually do with your internal hard drive. This process eliminates a the possible failure to the enclosure USB to IDE bridge. If this does not help then you need to lab repair your drive.

I hope you'll resolve this problem.


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