Is there a utility to change cluster size?

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Hi.  I have a question here.  Is there a tool or utility to change cluster size in a FAT32 partition without formatting?  I was thinking of reducing the cluster size to have a more efficient disk that stores the information and quicker file access.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

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Is there a utility to change cluster size?


Hello Dallas Corey,

I think can help you with your question. Please try to launch this function: select partition in Partition Wizard – Disk Partition Wizard first, then click the menu: Partition>Modify>Change Cluster Size 


But be careful smaller cluster might reduce disk space losses, this is related to the fact that the file occupies at least one cluster. When reduce FAT32 partition cluster size you might increase the space occupied by the file allocation table and it`s  slow down access to file.


Nathan H Underwood

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