Is there a step by step guide on e commerce??

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We are a start up working upon options of providing our services using e commerce.?

We are not a technology company.

Is there a step by step depiction of how to deliver services using e commerce ?

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Is there a step by step guide on e commerce??


Hello Quickee,

Well it will take a lot of time if I will type in all here the step by step process of setting up an ecommerce.

Please check out the links below which I have searched on how to set up and ecommerce store.

I hope it will help you.

Good luck on your business in advance and have a great day:

This is really in demand now because of computer and internet use.

Technology is really growing fast.


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Is there a step by step guide on e commerce??


Hello Quikee,

When you say e-commerce, technology is very much needed, since you are going to market the services your company have thru internet. Hence the first thing you are going to make sure is for your company to have  a computer and an internet for you to broadcast everything to the world what your company have. 

Otherwise, you will end up in traditional method.

I hope I able to gave a little help.


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Is there a step by step guide on e commerce??


Hi Quikee:

Ecommerce or Electronic commerce is a term commonly used for any type of business that involves every transfer of information through the internet. Ecommerce is actually one of the most essential aspects of the internet to become known.

Here are the basic guide to ecommerce:

1. Choose Domain Name – Choosing your domain name is the most important aspect in the ecommerce world because it is where you can have significant marketing implications. The better and more attractive domain name you have, the more you will make it to the market.

2. Register at major Search Engines – Tying-up with the major search engines in countries that you wish to have a goal will make it easy for your target customers in finding your website.

3. Select a dependable Web Host – A good web host to your website will make a lot of difference to your business in the internet, because of the value added services such as search registration, site development and site maintenance that will go a long way in the promotion of your new website.

4. Localize and internationalize your website content – If you are aiming to target both local and international customers, it is of great help to blend your website to cultural tastes and local languages. That way you will be attracting customers not just locally but internationally.

5. Execute Orders – Be aware of other considerations like taxes, shipping, customs duties, and after sales services when dealing with business internationally. Offer your customers an easier way of payment methods for you to meet local business practices.

I hope the above mentioned steps will be of great help to your company.

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