Is there a software for swf block chrome?

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My Techyv Friends:

Firefox slows down drastically every time I am loading and even viewing a Google Chrome page with an advertisement in SWF format. And I really hate this when I'm working with my computer. Is there a software that on SWF block chrome?

Since this is so annoying, I had tried to block these files from the specified author. But its not helping me at all since these advertisements with the pixel hourglass are not considered images and it says that they are built-in objects that cannot be turned off. As we all observed these advertisements are everywhere and it causes the delay of my work.

Is there a possible way that these SWF be blocked from chrome?

I think this is anybody’s concern too.

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Is there a software for swf block chrome?



Hi! There is a Google Chrome plugin called "Flash block" where all the flies in any page will automatically block with this plugins. This plug-in will also help your computer in lowering the memory that will use and reduce the cycles of your CPU.

There is also another way of blocking any flash ads on your web browser it is with the use of "Adblock plus". This will block all annoying ads, pop-up and even a video ad in the YouTube and Facebook. You can download these two plug-ins for free.

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Is there a software for swf block chrome?


Hello ,

After a huge searching , i have found this amazing Software that allow you to block all SWF File in your Chrome Browser ; Also The software is
compatible with all popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE7,IE8), Safari and Opera. Enjoy!

Program Info : Here you can read more about this software :  Url:
You can easy Download the software from this address :

Follow the instructions by clicking next and let's run it .

Best Regards

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