Is there a problem with my sim?

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BSNL 3G sim card is what I use in my computer and whenever I am trying to connect to the internet I am getting this error which I attached here:



BSNL Mobile

BSNL 3G-Access Internet

Max Sent Speed: 0KBps

Max Received Speed 0KBps

Sent Speed: 0KBps

Received Speed: 0KBps

Sent: 0Byte Received: 0Byte

Duration: 00:00:00

“The PPP link control protocol was terminated."

Total Duration: 05:42:24

Total Usage: 2029187KB

Total Sent 140733KB

Total Received: 1888454KB

I did manage to re-install the software but still I get the same error. So I tried to insert my other 3G sim with data card which I use in my phone and what do you know, it connects to the internet and this time without any error.

So do you think my previous sim is the problem?

Thank you!

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Is there a problem with my sim?


In accordance of BSNL 3G Plan that it come with 12 GB free for 2 months, 2 GB for day time and 10 GB for nights. From your screenshot looks like you already used some 2.0 GB, is this with same data card or some other data card in same computer? If it's from some other data card then uninstall the bsnl 3G software and reinstall it.

I hope this will help a lot.

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