Is there a printable CD room laptop Toshiba?

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Hallo there!

I have a number of blank CDs for use in burning documents and music. What I am wondering is that my Toshiba laptop has failed to burn on the CDs since I started using some printable CDs that I bought. Could there be a special printable CD room laptop Toshiba that I need to attach to be able to burn these files? Thanks big time for your assistance.

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Is there a printable CD room laptop Toshiba?


Hello Gyle,

When that happens it may be caused by the following :

1.       Your CD that you bought may be faulty

2.       The lens in your CD-ROM Drive could be dying out

3.       You may have installed more than one CD burning software and which may cause a conflict.

4.       Your laptop may be infected by a virus or you recently installed an antivirus and you set it to restrict data editing on external drives.

Situations are many and try out the following solutions :

1.       Remove any installed CD burning software.Then burn using the native Windows utility.

2.       Carryout a clean boot and try step 1 above.

Here is a link for carrying out a clean boot:

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Is there a printable CD room laptop Toshiba?


Hello Gyle,

It does not look like a problem with your CDs. Regardless of CD types your laptop CD ROM should be able to burn CDs. There is no special CD ROM for burning printable CDs so please check the following things first

1. Is the CDs ok? Try some new CDs and of better brand.

2. Is the lenses in your CD ROM working fine?

3. Are you using more than one burning software? Try using Nero.

4. Check if your system is virus infected

What I think is you might have any of the above mentioned problem in your laptop.

I hope this helps.

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