Is there a Forum about Yahoo Messenger

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I was wondering if there is a forum about Yahoo! Messenger that is actually recognized by Yahoo! I recently downloaded Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 and now I am having problems with it. I could not see my contacts’ display images unless I sign out and then sign back in. I can’t even see when somebody goes on- or offline.
Signing in and out is frustrating and I don’t know what to do about this anymore. I already tried uninstalling and downloading it again for three times and I still kept on experiencing the same errors. I even downloaded the same thing in my other computer and it didn’t make any difference.

I’m thinking it’s actually the Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 that has a problem and I really like to figure it out since I don’t want to use Yahoo! Messenger 9. I was wondering if there are any forums where I could post my complaint and if you could tell me where I could find them.

I am looking forward to your suggestions.

Thank you very much…

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Is there a Forum about Yahoo Messenger


Hello Rosia,

Actually, yahoo messenger is one of the yahoo brands and you can address your problem in the yahoo forums some of which are listed below:

But before going there I will advice you that you try yahoo messenger 9 which has been improved and it is far much better the yahoo messenger 8.1. Most of the bugs that were experienced in yahoo messenger 8.1 have been fixed in the yahoo messenger and it is more stable, hence it should offer you better services as compared to its predecessor.

Lee Hung

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