Is There Existing Linux Software?

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Still Linux OS exists in the software market today? What was its difference from Windows OS in terms of its feature and interface? Has Linux OS had its mobile versions? And lastly, when it was established and who developed this software? I was only curious about this OS that my college classmates said that I need to try this software.

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Is There Existing Linux Software?



The difference between the “Linux Operating System” and “Windows Operating System” on the basis of their features and interfaces are as follows:


·         Manufacturer: Linus Torvalds

·         File system support: FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT

·         Text mode interface: BASH (Bourne Again Shell) 

·         Company / developer: Linus Torvalds

·         Preceded by: Basic Terminal (CLI)

·         Source model: Open Source

·         License: GNU/Free


·         Manufacturer: Microsoft

·         File system support: Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, Jfs, ReiserFS, Xfs, Btrfs, FAT, FAT32, NTFS

·         Text mode interface: Command shell 

·         Company / developer: Microsoft

·         Preceded by: MS-DOS

·         Source model: Closed / Shared source

·         License: Proprietary

Yes, “Linux Operating System” has many mobile versions which are as follows:

·         Firefox-OS-Mobile-Version-System

·         Open-WebOS-Mobile-Version-System

·         Sailfish-Mobile-Version-Operating-System

·         Tizen-Mobile-Version-Operating-System

·         Ubuntu-Mobile-Version-Operating-System

Linus Torvalds” has invented the “Linux Operating System” by itself, in the year 1991.

Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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