There is an error with firefox download radio stream.

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There is an error with Firefox download radio stream. I planned of having a radio stream using my Mozilla Firefox browser but the downloading process was unsuccessful. The download bar reaches almost halfway and it crashed and did not respond anymore.

Regards, Christine Turner.

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There is an error with firefox download radio stream.


Good day Christine,

Here are some solutions that might help:

1. I think there's a missing plugin to your OS.

2.Try to use these plugins

2.1 Adobe flash

2.2 Windows media player

2.3 Java

2.4 QuickTime

2.5 Adobe reader

2.6 Silverlight 

2.7 Adobe Shokwave

If that doesn't work, try using other browser like Google chrome, MSN or other browser. thank you.

Hope this helps and god bless

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There is an error with firefox download radio stream.



First and foremost it is good to check if your Internet connection is OK. If it is then follow these following steps.

1.The issue could be with the Cookies of your Firefox browser and it would be good if you first delete them. So go to tools and delete all the history and also the Cookies.

2. After doing the above step try to download the radio stream again.

3. If that does not work then try to download using some other browser and then install it on Firefox.

4.It That also does not work then change your browser and install the stream on it.

Hope it helped Thanks!

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There is an error with firefox download radio stream.

Hello Christine,
Here are some easy and effective Solutions to choose from:
1. If your downloading the files to a peripheral hard drive then try to change the download location to C:
2. Download it using a different browser like Google chrome or Opera. Some crash downloads using Mozilla can be successfully downloaded using Opera.
3. A problem with your ISP's cache server is one thing you need to check as well. Some ISPs will cache your downloads to a certain point and if the download file is too big, then it will get corrupted and won't complete. ( if you can download some files before and no problem came up then it could be your ISP's fault.)
 Try using the port 81 download links for most ISP's don't send port 81 traffic through their cache servers. By doing so, you can then easily bypass your ISP server.
4. Deleting everything in the history, cookies and cache will is a big help. Just go to Tools – 'Downloads' and click "Clean Up" (Firefox 2) or "Clear List" (Firefox 3 and above) to clear the Download History.
5. Main reason why Firefox hang while downloading files is because the destination folder where Firefox attempts to save the download no longer exists or is not accessible. If so then try to reset the preference in about: config or by choosing new download folder in your Firefox settings just go to Tools – Options – General(or Main) / Downloads – Save files to – "BROWSE"
6. If none of these steps works then try using external download manager.
Hope this will help you.

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