Is there any corrupted sata hdd repair software?

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Hi Techyv,

I am in a problem guys. I have an HP desktop computer with dual core processor. I am using windows xp operating system. Recently, I am facing a problem with my computer. This problem happens when I try to switch on my computer. It takes long time to start and then displays a message that shows- "JPRGI is compressed". It also makes a bit noise. My questions are-

1. Do you think the sata hdd of my computer is corrupted?

2. Is there any sata hdd repair software available?

3. If there is a software for this operation, how can I download that software?

Waiting for your advices. Regards.

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Is there any corrupted sata hdd repair software?


Hi Jett,

That error means that your hard disk has failed. You should remove all data you can, IF you still can from that hard drive. There is no real software that will help you with this kind of failure.

You can try this if you have 2 PCs. Take the bad hard drive and connect it to the other PC, run the second PC and try to access your hard drive. This will only allow you to, maybe, safe some files from the hard drive.

You will have to find a new hard disk, unfortunately.

Good luck!

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Is there any corrupted sata hdd repair software?


That sounds like a problem with the system drive where Microsoft Windows is installed. If you hear ticking sounds coming from the hard drive, there must be some errors on the drive. The ticking sound normally happens when there are bad sectors on the drive. Bad sectors can make the reading of the drive extremely long then if the data can’t be read it will display an error message.

First, try checking the drive on another computer. Open your CPU case then unplug all the cables from the hard drive then remove the hard drive from the CPU tower. Now, connect the hard drive to another computer. After this, on that other computer, download PC Tools Performance Toolkit and install it. Once installed, start PC Tools then go to “Recovery” tab then select “Repair Drives”.

Next, select the drive you want to check on the list then in the options, select “Surface Scan” then check “Perform on reboot”. Click “Start” then “Continue”. After this, close PC Tools then restart the computer to begin the check. If the scan identified some bad sectors, repeat the scan at least twice or thrice.

When no more bad sectors are detected, transfer the drive back to the first computer. See if you can now boot the computer. If the error damaged some system files, might as well reinstall Microsoft Windows.

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