Test page failed to print windows xp error message

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Test page failed to print windows xp error message. Do you have any suggestions to solve this error? Can anbody help me to resolve this?

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Test page failed to print windows xp error message


Sometimes you may need to remove completely drivers for printer , as may be you are experiencing unusual errors.
To Remove all the traces of the driver for a printer cleanly and quickly, Follow the steps described below:

Visit the link https://www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.com.au/SUPPORT/Pages/LegacyUtilities.aspx
And then download the utility "Driver Deleter". To download the latest version, click here. https://www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.com.au/support/LegacyUtilities/Deleter.ZIP

Then, unzip the downloaded file .zip using any program of your choice, and then open the "deleter.exe".
Now, this step will take a couple of minutes, in some cases, I have seen that it freezes. And if this stays for 10 minutes or more, then close that application by clicking on the red cross.
Expand the tree of "Printers", and then choose the printer that you want actually to delete, and then click on the "Delete" button from "Actions" menu.
At this particular point, this is requested sometimes that you have to reboot in order to remove files. If this message appears, Reboot the PC and then restart utility of the Printer Deleter.
Then, expand the tree of "Orphans" , and then select "Files" folder, and then click on "Delete" from "Actions" menu.
Then,click on "Yes" in order to confirm the removal of the Orphaned files.
Then, Select the "Help Topic" from "Help" menu.
The help files are able to explain actually what the tree menu does represent and also how can you remove all the files.
Hopefully, this answer is helpful, easier and clearer steps to fix the problem.

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