Terminology help! Mac PC “line feed” and “carriage return”

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Can anyone explain to me what are "line feed" and "carriage return" in a Mac PC? I'm trying to learn programming and I've seen these terms For a few times now. Thank you in advance!


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Terminology help! Mac PC “line feed” and “carriage return”



Hi Christopher,

Line Feed and Carriage Return are MAC control characters or non-printing characters. This means that they do not necessarily need to display something when invoked. Rather, they control how the characters or lines are displayed when invoked.

Line Feed or LF means that when you call this function, you will be brought to the next line without necessarily returning to the beginning of the line.

Carriage Return or CF will get you to the beginning of the line. You are still on the same line but you are moved to the beginning of it.

If you have used a typewriter, you can easily distinguish the two. Upon comparison, LF in a typewriter moves the paper up while CF moves the cursor at least one jump to the left.



Thompson Cossey

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