Tell me how to install WLAN Transport Protocol

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I haven't been able to connect to the Wireless network on my Netgear router.

And I have been told that I should install WLAN Transport Protocol.

I am no expert and I don't know exactly what this is and what it does.

Can you help me and tell me how to install WLAN Transport and what are the features?

Will it help me with my issue?

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Tell me how to install WLAN Transport Protocol


Wireless local area networks (LANs) link two or more devices using some wireless distribution method and are playing a major role in the revolution of information technology. One of the factors that could have had an adverse impact on the market for wireless devices, is the interoperability issue, however, the IEEE has developed the 802.11 standard, compliance with which should alleviate this issue.


Wireless LANs can be broadly classified into two categories:


Ad-Hoc Wireless LANs: Several wireless nodes join together to establish a peer-to-peer communication and typically require no administration. Networked nodes share their resources without a central server.

Wireless LANs with infrastructure: There is a high-speed wired or wireless backbone where wireless nodes access the wired backbone through access points.


To install WLAN on your PC follow with:

Select Hyperterminal Program > Enter Name > Choose icon > OK



Select Connect to > Select Comm port > OK



Set comm port properties as follows and press OK:



Reset LAN option card by pressing Reset button and at the same time press X key thrice. The connection is successfully installed and displays the following window:

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