Tell me does Google Maps on Samsung use 3G on S3 model?

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Hello to all specialists here at Techyv.

I was wondering, does Google Maps on Samsung use 3G?

Or what network connection does it use?

Can I run Google Maps without wireless on my Samsung Galaxy S3?

Please explain it in simple words as I am not very familiar with technical terms.

Please refer only to the Galaxy S3 model when providing me with the solution.

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Tell me does Google Maps on Samsung use 3G on S3 model?


Hi John!

Google Maps is an application that works only when connected to Internet, either from a wireless source or from the 3G. So you can use either one of them, depending on which one works faster. You can keep them both open simultaneously, in case the Wi-Fi is out of range you can rely on 3G, but it takes up a lot of your battery resources. So yes, you can run Google Maps without wireless on your phone if you open the 3G network first.

In order to open the 3G network, go to System Settings from the menu of your phone, then choose Wireless & Networks, Mobile Networks and check the Data Enabled box. Make sure it reads ON. An alternative method would be to hold the power button for a few seconds until a menu opens up. From this menu you can directly activate or deactivate Mobile Data. Select Enable "Data Network" and then tap OK.

You can also save offline maps for using them even if you don't want to or you can't use any Internet connection. While in Maps, go to Menu and select the "Make available offline" option. Then a tool called "area selector" will appear on your screen for you to select what area you want to save offline.

Alternatively, go to Maps, then select My places, Offline and choose New offline map. You should now see a dialog box where you can choose a region or a city (New York, for instance) to be selected on the map. Then adjust the area as you wish and save your selection.

Pay attention because your storage must be free enough to save your offline maps. If not, you will be asked to clear some space on it before resuming your download. Still, you can download approximately 6 maps; they have a maximum size so you can't save a huge map, but it's useful and easier to access when offline.

Good luck!

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