Tell me about OSI layer

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Hi friends,

My problem is OSI layer. I know about OSI layer, but I am not clear about OSI seven layer function.

I want to know that information that will be practical info about all layer function.

That means the main function of each layer step by step & very shortly ,so that I will be clear. 


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Tell me about OSI layer


Dear Snow white

The OSI layers are

Physical= It is concerned with all the physical transmission like electrical etc

Data link = this layer is used to connect the link in bit wise fashion in the system, they work node to node bits are transferred and the connection is been made.

Network= the bits are transferred from the data link layer to the network layer in the form of packets.

Transport= Transport layer is the path between the Network layer and session layer. It is used to transfer the data safely in the destination.

Session= Here the data is in different frames where they combine and form big frames. In short the data is transferred in the form of frames.

Presentation= after all the work the final bundle or destination addresses etc all held in the presentation layer. 

Application= in application layer the final process is been done and it will check if any Forward correction schemes or any other error schemes needed to acquire the error free transmission in the system.

I hope this material may help you a lot




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Tell me about OSI layer


Hello Snowwhite

OSI is the prototype also called Open System Interconnection.

There are 7 layers in the OSI Model.

1. Physical

2. Data Link

3. Network Layer

4. Transport Layer

5. Session Layer

6. Presentation Layer

7. Application Layer

There is a tricky method to memorize the names of all the seven layers in serial order.

Memorize the phrase: Please Do Not Throw Sauce Pizza Away.

The first letter of all the words is the first letter of all seven layers respectively.

So it's quite easy to remember.

Explanation of all the seven layers

Physical= This layer is basically used for actual transmission over the physical medium like wires etc. Wire can be optical fiber, co-axial wire or twisted pair cables.

Data Link Layer= This layer is used to transfer the information in the form of bits

Network= At network layer the message is converted into the forms of packets

Transport layer = It is the path used to transfer data from sender to receiver.

Session= It  keeps the record of the current session i.e whether the session is open/close or expired

Presentation= Presentation layer basically does the encoding/decoding of the data according to the prototype. 

Application= In application layer the data is sent to the application so that it can be shown to the user in the form of output at receiver send and input at sender end.

I hope this information is enough for you.

Thank You

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Tell me about OSI layer


Hi… There are seven layer in OSI Model. Each and every layer has its own function and each layer plays a very important role in this network. 

The first layer Physical Layer transmit the bits from one to another computer. The Second one Data Link Layer find the errors and control the flow on Physical layer. Next one is Network Layer which handles the Network addressing, routing and switching. Next one is Transport Layer, which check the end to end functions and fix the errors. Next one is Session Layer which handle authentication, permissions, and session restorations. The Next one is Presentation layer, which handle encryption and compression. The last one is Application layer which handle the communication between the machine and human. Please have a look on image to better understanding.

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