Technology in Internet for next upcoming years

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What will be next technology in Internet in coming years 2012 ?

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Technology in Internet for next upcoming years


Internet technology has taken shape in the past few years with a lot of things having been introduced. Some of the notable internet technologies are the following:

  • Online Banking – People can now have banks on the internet, and that has made it so convenient that a person can have access to their bank account wherever they are without going to the banks.
  • Online trading – people can now buy and sell items in the comfort of their homes,  for instance from sites like ebay and amazon.
  • There is online teaching too whereby students can have classes while at home.

A lot has been done already, but I think is the new thing that might possibly come up in 2012 will be people working from home. Offices will be made virtual and accessed via the internet. Although this technology is in place now, but it has not taken shape completely, and therefore I am looking forward for it to improve in 2012.

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