TeamViewer 7 Error in Ubuntu 12.04 –

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I’m unable to install Teamviewer7 on Ubuntu 12.04 Pangolin. My operating system is 64 bit. The Teamviewer software is being installed successfully, but once I try to run it, the application gives the error message “Could not load the GNU/Linux extension shared library”. Please give your valuable suggestions to fix this issue.

Thank you.

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TeamViewer 7 Error in Ubuntu 12.04 –


Hi Dexter Wiley!

1. You need to install first WINE program via Ubuntu Software Center.

2. Download the TeamViewer installer then right-click 'Openg with' -> 'Wine Windows Program Loader'. Wait for a second and it will start installing the TeamViewer on your computer.

Please note that not all Windows application will run on Linux Machine using Wine.

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TeamViewer 7 Error in Ubuntu 12.04 –


Hello Dexter,

That problems could be occurring because your operating system is missing wine, so you will need to check that.

  • In case wine is not available, you will need to install it.
  • But if it there and you are still getting the error, you will to reinstall it and see if that will resolve the issue.

If the problem still persists, you will need to check the version of your operating system. Check whether is supports 32 bit or 64 bit applications. After that, you can go ahead and then download the right version of TeamViewer that is supported and then install it, for the error you are getting may be due to compatibility issues on your computer. Hope this helps.



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