Table holiday with ms access

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I am looking for the solutions on how to create table holiday with MS access. If you know the solutions kindly explain it step by step for easy understanding and also I need an advice what is the best design for the holiday table with MS access if you know the formula on how to do it just include it in your answer.

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Table holiday with ms access



Hi Ray,

The basic design for your Holiday database should be perhaps something like below, then we will show you how you can design that in MS Access.

Assuming you have created this table to keep a track of employee’s holidays and their absence, you need to create three tables for example: – Employee, Holidays and Personal. Employee table which keeps all the information regarding employee and assigns a unique ID to each person. Holidays would keep all the fixed holidays and Personal table would keep track of any additional data of a particular employee.

Now you can create these tables with following three methods.


  *   By using a table wizard

*   By entering data in a data sheet

*   Or, you can create a table in design view.


Now, you can create a table using the table wizard in following ways.

.       Create a new blank database.

.       In the database window click TABLES under OBJECTS and next click new.

.       In the NEW TABLE dialogue box, double click table wizard.

.       Afterwards you will need to follow the directions on the TABLE WIZARD pages.

In case if you like to modify this table, then you can open this table in design view once you have finished working on current table.

Hope this helps.




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