Systematic Approach to follow with respect to the Servicing of the Projector

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What are the steps to follow when one wish to blow his or her projector? I bought this slightly used projector last year and it seems it has never been serviced for a long time. There is so much dust in it that it has affected a change in the projecting display of this machine. I wish to service it myself. I wish someone will help me technically in doing this. Thank you.

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Systematic Approach to follow with respect to the Servicing of the Projector




Consult your hardware manual prior to conducting any maintenance. In order to clean your device you need the following items:


1. a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment

2. a brush attachment for the hose

3. a crevice attachment for the hose

4. a set of electronics tools

5. a can of compressed air

6. cloths which are appropriate for cleaning a lens or other sensitive equipment

7. lens cleaning solution


Moisten the cloth with a lens cleaner. Do not apply cleaner directly to the lens and only use lens cleaning solution. Wipe the lens in a very gentle circular motion to prevent damage. You will need to clean the vents and/or vent filters. Before cleaning the vents, ensure the machine has cooled. It should be left to cool for at least 30 minutes. Also, ensure that the device is not connected to any power source or other device. Carefully open the device by removing any appropriate screws, gently opening the device, and sliding components from their seating. Do not touch the lamp and be gentle with the components. Use the brush attachment for external vent grates. Use the crevice attachment for inner filters and vents. Utilize an air gun to clear dust from the exterior surface of the device. Use short bursts of air for the lens casing and projector case.

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