System start up error saying disk boot failed

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HI, it says Disk boot failed insert the CD to continue. But I have the boot software in a USB. How can I change the path from cd to USB?

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System start up error saying disk boot failed


Hi Joanna!

Basically changing the booth path is easy. I will give you the instructions on how to do it.
In your BIOS Startup , press F2. It will bring you to the boot device manager.
Boot device manager is where you can find the different boot paths that can be used.
So therefore we are using your USB right? In default the boot manager is in this order.
CD-ROM then HARDDISK then USB. What we have to do is change the first boot CD-ROM to USB.
It is simply just select the USB then move it upwards making CD-ROM below it. Save the settings then plug your USB drive.
Reboot, then you will see that it will boot the USB drive. After all is done revert the settings again to CD-ROM first then HARD DISK then CD-ROM.

Hope i helped you!

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System start up error saying disk boot failed


If you want to boot your computer from a USB flash drive, it is not necessary to move the USB to be the first boot option. If you have CD/DVD drive, hard drive, and USB as boot options simply move the hard drive to be the last boot option of the three.

If you made the CD/DVD drive to be the first boot option, second the USB, and third the hard drive, if there is no bootable disc on the first option it will shift to the next boot option which is the USB. If the USB flash drive is not bootable, it will go to the third option which is the hard drive.

Even if there is a USB flash drive inserted on the computer and it already has the boot software, it will still not be able to boot the machine if the USB flash drive is not bootable. It is not enough to copy the boot files to the USB flash drive. The USB flash drive itself needs to be made bootable before copying the boot software.

There are many tools that can help create a bootable USB flash drive. One is using DAEMON Tools Ultra. It includes an option to create a bootable USB. To try this, visit DAEMON Tools Ultra. The latest is DAEMON Tools Ultra 4 which is the one I’m using.

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