System Rating Software for Apple OS

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I have been facing a great problem with my new Apple desktop PC. It does not work well. I can't check its performance. Does Apple OS have any system rating software?

It's very painful to have this kind of problem. What should I do now?

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System Rating Software for Apple OS


Don't worry dear,

I have a solution to the problem which you are facing and I suggest you a software which is very helpful for you in the operating of your system.

First of all please install this software. I mean you can download it from the Internet. The name of the software is Mac OS X – Apple Mac Lion and Snow leopard.

Because Apple shows how the OS X Lion can work with other devices more efficiently. The Apple's Lion OS also has a bug which shows the applications of Windows when either it disappears or when switching the applications of the computer.

When you install it after getting it on the Internet or any DVD it will take much more time because it has a slow installation medium.

So my suggestion is that you download it from Lion OS X MAC Applications and store it. Then burn it for installing and restore from DVD with older installations. You can get faster media installation and it will help you in operating your system. 

Also check this link for OS X Lion installation, I am sure you will get a better solution to your problem

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