System Freeze during Normal Mode, but works good in Safe Mode

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My laptop seems to freeze every time I log on using Normal Mode; but it works perfectly fine when I log on using Safe Mode. Everything starts out fine when I log in: the boot is finished in average time, I input my password, then I get to the main desktop screen and after a few minutes, everything just freezes.
The glitch starts when I can still move the mouse cursor but it doesn't click anything nor can I launch any program. Then after a few seconds, even the cursor doesn't move and I can't even turn my laptop off properly.
Since I can't turn my laptop off, I'd have to wait for the battery to drain out. The next time I turn it on, it automatically goes into Safe Mode and everything runs fine.
The laptop goes into the routine disk check and I've also run virus and other malware scans – but all checks and scans prove to be normal. The problem is when I turn my laptop off, next I use it, the freeze happens all over again unless I use Safe Mode.
I'm considering going to a technician to have my device checked but before I shell out money, I'm hoping to find solutions here first. Can anyone share possible reasons for a laptop to suddenly freeze but work perfectly fine in Safe Mode?
Thanks in advance.
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System Freeze during Normal Mode, but works good in Safe Mode


There is no need to go to a technician. You can solve this problem yourself. Probably this error happens because of some corrupt files. Some files that are needed for normal startup are corrupt. I am giving you some solutions, try them one by one and I hope your problem will be solved.

1. Go to the taskbar and click on the start button and type system restore. Now click on the searched program and try to restore your system to some previous date on which it was working good.
insert the Windows 7 and run system recovery in startup
2. If not solved, insert the Windows 7 and run system recovery in startup.
3. And if even then it is not solved you need to install a fresh copy of Windows and I am sure your problem will be solved.
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System Freeze during Normal Mode, but works good in Safe Mode

Hi, you need to try to remove all unnecessary tasks that are starting up with your Windows.
1) Click round windows button in down left corner.
2) In the text field above it type “msconfig”.
3) You will see on top as a search result task named “msconfig” – click on it.
Go to “Startup” tab.
Now uncheck all boxes that you do not want to start with Windows (you should only leave your antivirus and system-related tasks /drivers and similar/).
Then go to “Services” tab.
Check the box “Hide all Microsoft services”.
Now inspect the list of services, and uncheck all boxes except your antivirus program and drivers-related services.
System Configuration
At the end, press "Apply" button, then "OK", and restart your computer.

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