System Error Divide By Zero or Overflow Error

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Sometimes I have this error and sometimes I don’t have it. It appears when I want to access some files from my PC and this system error doesn’t let me to make it. Any solution for this ? What is divide by zero error ? Is this a virus ?

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System Error

Divide By Zero or Overflow Error

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System Error Divide By Zero or Overflow Error


When I was still a student, this error always happens to me because I always experiment on files and executables. Normally, this error appears only on files or when opening an executable on the hard drive. Sometimes when a file or executable is damaged, you will also get this error. It is an error generated by the program when encountering an internal error when it is running.

In your case, if this error randomly appears on your screen and the error is coming from the system itself, it would be better to check your hard drive for errors. If Microsoft Windows can still boot and run on your computer, the error could be caused by an error in the file system. Check your hard drive or your system drive for errors.

You can use the built-in Scandisk to check the drive. You can do this by right-clicking on drive C in Windows Explorer and then select Properties. Select Tools tab and then click Check Now. See image.

Check “Automatically fix file system errors” then click Start. It will check the drive for any possible errors and will automatically fix it. See image.

Just wait for it to finish and then restart your computer. After this, monitor your computer if the error will appear and in random again. Aside from using Windows Scandisk, you can use PC Tools Performance Toolkit. You can use it to check your drive for errors similar to what Scandisk can do and it can also check the partition of your hard drive. See image.

It can be accessed by selecting the Recovery tab and then Repair Drives. To download the latest and last version, visit PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2.1.0.

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