Syntax Error on Running Firefox iMacros

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Hello! I am getting a “Syntax Error: Wrong format of TAG command, line: 15 (Error code: -910)” when running iMacros for Firefox.

Does anyone encounter the same error message?

How did you manage to resolve it?

I already tried to reinstall Firefox and then removed and add iMacros to Firefox again to no luck.

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Syntax Error on Running Firefox iMacros


Instead of the above you might want to try the following:
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var macro, macro2, p, gle, text_1;
text_1 = "ab c";
p = iimDisplay ("Begin Extract");
macro = "CODE:";
macro += "TAG POS=1 TYPE=B ATTR=class:nowrap&&TXT:* EXTRACT=TXT" + "n";

gle = iimGetLastExtract();

if (gle == "xyz")
iimDisplay ("Extraction succeeded");
alert("OK: " + gle);
macro2 = "CODE:";
macro2 += "TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:TEXT ATTR=NAME:name CONTENT=" + text_1 + "n";
macro2 += "PROMPT " + gle + "n";
iimDisplay ("Problem detected :" + gle);

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