Sybase timestamp java coding problem.

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Hello experts,

Sybase timestamp java coding problem. I got some difficulty on viewing the timestamp in my java application program. I need some individual to help me or give me some advice regarding this matter. I hope you can share some with me.

Thank you.

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Sybase timestamp java coding problem.


If your java program encounters some coding problems then maybe you should check on something and make it as the basis for your java coding. Here is an example of a Sybase timestamp coding. I’m not sure if the whole program will fit on this post but if not just visit the link I will be providing for your own sample.

package sample;


import java.lang.*;

import java.sql.*;

import java.util.*;

import com.sybase.utils.Debug;


* SybTimestamp class demonstrates how to process a Sybase timestamp

* datatype via an Output Parameter of a CallableStatement<p>


* A Sybase timestamp datatype is a structure which is stored as a

* VARBINARY(8).<p>

* The Structure looks like:

* <PRE>fieldname size Description

ts_high 2 High portion of timestamp

pad 2 Bytes for alignment

ts_low 4 Low portion of timestamp


* <P>Note: Sybase timestamp is a unique datatype to Sybase<br>


This code is incomplete because of its length. For the complete code, please visit | Sybase Product Support group, 06/01/97.

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