Switching of the http protocol for an https in my internet

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I have an active http protocol for a secure address and wanted to be able to switch to the secure https for the same site on my intranet, how can I achieve this using PHP programming language? some devices cannot access this page and wanted to be able to rectify this.

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Switching of the http protocol for an https in my internet

First to achieve this you need a buy certificate from some vendor. You need to install this SSL certificate in your web server. Also enable the SSL running on port 443. The setting will depends on the web server you are using. But a few basic steps are:
1. Enable SSL on port 443
2. Select cipher key which you want to use for your site
3. Point the web server to your signed certificate purchased from some vendor. 
4. You can also add intermediate certificate to secure it more.
Go through the website of the certificate vendor site and web server guide to know how to configure. There must be lots of documentation available in their respective website. In your web pages if you have ever coded using http:// then you need to change it to https:// to run it properly. 

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