Surface pro 3 freezes permanently doesn’t recover

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My sister have got a surface pro 3 and complains that the screen and in fact entire surface 3 freezes. As for as I know this is not related to performance issue because I am strongly believing that i3 core is sufficient for Microsoft word document editing tasks. Is my thoughts have any ground? Why do a surface pro 3 freeze ? Are there any other complaints in the latest surface pro 3? Is it related to any faulty app or driver? How to reset the surface pro 3 when it hangs? Taking to service centre is simply not feasible

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Surface pro 3 freezes permanently doesn’t recover


Common problem occurs in surface pro 3 and their solutions

1. Freezing problem


• Press and hold down the power button and volume up button for 15 seconds. After few seconds press power button again and then it will restart.

• Make sure that Surface pro is up-to-date.

• Refresh or reset the surface pro

2. Cursor disappearing


• Remove and reattach the cover keyboard.

• Go to settings -> Change PC settings -> Update and recovery -> Check Now -> install update

• Unplug other devices connected with surface pro. Other devices will disturb.

• Because of interference due to surrounding devices problem can occur.

3. Slow and limited Wi-Fi


• Settings -> Wireless Icon -> disconnect from Wi-Fi network and connect again.

• Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> ‘Turn Windows features on or off’, which is located on the left hand side of the window. Make sure that ‘Hyper-V’ is checked off, and then restart the SP3. Go to Control Panel -> ‘Power Options’ -> ‘Choose what the power buttons do’ -> Change settings that are currently unavailable. Uncheck Turn on fast startup.

• Check for device driver update. Settings > Change PC Settings > Update and recovery > Check now.

• Manually reinstall Wi-Fi driver.

4. Overheating


• Processes like ‘Windows Installer Module’ and ‘Windows Installer Module Worker’ are causing heating problems. Open Task Manager and try to stop those processes

• Check for updates and install it. Settings > Change PC Settings > Update and recovery > Check now.

5. Won’t turn on


• Try holding down the Power button and the Volume up button for 15 seconds. Then, wait a few seconds, and tap the Power button again.

• Plug the Surface Pro 3 into the charger. Remove all accessories, and then try the above step again.

• Make sure the power socket is working, and plug a USB device into the USB port on the power supply to make sure it’s working.

6. Surface pen not working


• Check the battery is installed correctly.

• Check for new updates by Settings > Change PC Settings > Update and recovery > Check now. And install it.

• Go to Settings > Change PC Settings > Control Panel > Device Manager > Firmware and look for Surface Pro Touch Controller Firmware. Make sure that it’s listed and there’s no yellow triangle next to it

• Go to Settings > Change PC Settings > PC and devices, and make sure Bluetooth is on. Tap on Surface Pen and Remove device then try repairing it by holding down the top button for seven seconds until the light begins to flash. When you see it reappear on the list of devices to connect to, tap it, and choose Pair.

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