Surface Pro 2 vs. Macbook Air

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Hi everyone,

I don't have a functional laptop, and I've been weighing both of these two devices against each other. I am a student, so if I were to get the Surface Pro 2, one of the things I'd certainly use it for would be notes taking (by hand using the stylus). Does anyone have opinions regarding these two devices? Which one is best for a student?

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Surface Pro 2 vs. Macbook Air



I think you wanted to know about iPad air rather Mac book air. Since your other option is surface pro 2 which is a tablet pc. Apple and Microsoft, as we know, are both top class device producers presently. And there is a tight competition in between these two devices and people gets fuzzy choosing the best one between these two. Well, I guess you can choose the best one by seeing the comparison.

Design –

Tablets should be always light weighed, since they are tablets rather laptop. iPad Air is impressive in its weight as it is easy to carry one. But surface pro 2 is a kind of hefty than Air. Air is brushed with aluminium casing while Surface pro uses Vapor MG. The both have the same premium feel but due to the more weight of the surface it looks fragile. So in terms of design, visually and wight iPad Air is definitely ahead.

Display –

None of the tablets actually received updates to their respective displays. A 9.7 inch 2048 X 1536 IPS LCD panel with Air, and a 10.6 inch 1920 X 1080 IPS LCD with the surface pro. On terms of paper, Apples retina display burns out higher pixel density with 264 ppi. It's definitely better than the 208 ppi of the pro 2. But in terms of our eye it is nearly indistinguishable. So overall they both have the same screen technology.

Memory and processor –

These two has totally different processor. Ones being based on 64-bit architecture and others with PC alike components. The Air has 1.4 GHz Apple A7 processor and a 1 GB ram with PowerVR G6430 GPU. Fair enough, while the pro 2 has 4th generation core i5 processor, with dual-core clocked in 1.6 GHz with a 4 GB of ram and Intel HD 4400 GPU. In terms of their performance iPad Air just lag behind pro 2.

Internet Connectivity –

Both these two have fantastic web experiences, with great customization. With pro 2, user will get full PC like feel with windows Explorer 9 with speedy net, while Air has Safari which can deliver a good comeback. Now heres a big gap. Air has both WiFi and 4G LTE supported while pro 2 has on WiFi.

Conclusion –

So overall I would say in terms of user interface,design and internet experience iPad Air is clearly the winner. But if you look for a powerful tablet with high end hardware configuration, go for Surface pro 2.

Hope it helps!

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