Summary of The Comedy Of Errors

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Hello. I am a student; I’m looking for the synopsis of the Act The Comedy Of Errors for my assignment, please help me.

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Summary of The Comedy Of Errors


Hey, The Comedy Of Errors is William Shakespeare’s shortest play and one of his funniest. The play has a total of 5 Acts. It is one of the greatest humorous comedy, with a majority of humor coming from Slapstick.

“The comedy of errors,” tell us about the story of a batch of two twin brothers who were separated at birth while sailing on the Mediterranean Sea with there parents. The play begins 25  after the shipwreck. Antipholus of Syracuse, and Dromio of Syracuse, arrives in Ephesus, searching for their long last twin brothers. By chance, their identical brothers Antipholus of Ephesus and Dromio of Ephesus, live in the city. However, the sets of twins do not immediately reunite with one another, but rather in much confusion and suffering, due to mistaken identities. Both Dromio’s are beaten by their masters for not obeying the orders that the other had received. Antipholus of Ephesus was arrested because he denies having received from the goldsmith, a golden chain that he has received. Many other such comical slapstick incidents occur before both they meet, and their true identities were revealed.

Finally, after several incidents and misconceptions, both the brothers reunite with the help of a refugee. Then, to complete the reunion, the refugee reveals that she has been living under disguise, and she is Egeon’s wife, Emilia. The families embrace and all ends in happiness, with Emilia saying “one day’s error, make satisfaction.”

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