Suggestions on creating wp websites

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I have created a WP website which is my first one; however, I am not an expert with the security.

I have set up it in my Mac as htdocs.

If there’s any suggestions regarding this, please let me know.

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Suggestions on creating wp websites


Well,you have been created a WP website but it was not a website only a document.

Because your website was not publish yet and it was not an URL.

You should be registered with any website service provider who will help you rightly to publish your document as website with top level domain or with subdomain as URL.

What templates will be for your website they design it for you.

You would a discussion with website designer.

The website designer will select the layout,border,category,design of the website.

You will have to only pay him for website.

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Suggestions on creating wp websites



Now a day’s website security is a hot topic. You have set up your WP website in your Mac as hotdogs. So it is now just a document in your Mac. So ensure your Mac security and the document will be secure.

If you want to publish your web site, you have to communicate with a web service provider who will publish your  WP website with a domain and you will find a URL for the site.

After that for the top most security of your site you should ensure the following things:

1. You must create a strong account not only in your host account but also in web system account.

2. A firewall should be launch with rules. For example filter ports should not be open for public.

3. HTTPS connection should be use to secure your visitors from hijacking.

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Suggestions on creating wp websites


Hi Jason Merck,

Always try to update your WordPress to the latest version. This generally includes all the necessary security fixes, so you do not have to worry about them. Many automatic bots have been using now-a-days. So, try to restrict the failed login attempts to a minimal number. Another way is to use WordPress Security Scan Plugin which can be downloaded from here:

It works as an antivirus for your website. There are much more to learn about the security of a WordPress website. So, try to learn as much as possible.

Hope this helps.  

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