Suggest what is right for this Process ?

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Hi TechyV experts,

My Seagate external hard disk contains a backup software which making problem at using in office. Its start moving data after plug in without any permission. So can anybody suggest me about a external hard disk without any software around 250GB.

Thanks in advance

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Suggest what is right for this Process ?




I think you are having problem with auto run. Some time its work as a virus and some time it’s a good program to use. It depends on when and how it works, in your case its working as a virus. But you can solve this problem by formatting your Hard disk. You are thinking why I don’t suggest you to use antivirus, because no antivirus can solve this problem. But if you want to buy a new one my suggestion would be Samsung G2 it’s a good looking and user friendly Hard disk with good Data speed along with 320 GB Data storage and I think it would be within your budget. But you can buy western digital 250 GB. Though it is new to market but it gives a performance.


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Suggest what is right for this Process ?


Hello Smith,

I will suggest that you disable the autoplay option for the flash drives on your computer so that before any action is performed on a USB drive that is plugged on your computer, you first have to perform a scan on it. How your external driver is a bit risky and if it is infected by a virus it could affect the computer that you are using.

Use the following procedure to disable autoplay:

  • On your computer click on start and then run, and then press enter.
  • In run, type gpedit.msc.
  • In a window that will come up, select administrative templates in the system tree view.
  • You should see 'turn off autoplay' in the right side pane of the window.
  • Double click on it , and turn off autoplay to all drives

So every time you connect the external hard drive it won't start carrying out processes on its own.


Mahesh Babu

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Suggest what is right for this Process ?


Okay, scanning for possible virus before turning off the auto play definitely helped.

Thank you TechyV team.

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