Suggest a way to install virtual machine on windows 8

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Hi there! I have a concern about installing Windows 8 in the Virtual Machine. I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate in 32-bit but I have been trying to download the virtual machine in Windows 8.

I was able to download Windows Virtual PC so I tried installing it first. Upon trying, my screen went blue with an error message saying “HAL Initiation Failure.’ As such, I tried installing VM Virtual Box instead. Unfortunately, it suddenly hung up as it reached 19% of the file unpacking and then it crashed.

I tried doing it again but it crashed when it reached 9%. I attempted to do it for the third time and it crashed when it reached at 1%. I went as far as cleaning all the Temp files, uninstalling, and reinstalling but the process hung at 6%. Since the first two failed, I tried System Central VMM but it said it wasn’t compatible with the OS I am using.

And though I have a spare laptop, I don’t want to risk the files in it should the computer crash. Is there any way for me to install a virtual machine without risking the operating system? I am really hoping you’ll help me. Thank you.

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Suggest a way to install virtual machine on windows 8



You need to download a version of Virtual Machine which is very compatible with the OS that you using. There is no risk for windows or OS of your system during VM installation. If you have enough extra memory in RAM then you can do it easily.

Only risk is to configure memory for VM. You must not select large RAM memory for VM. You will keep maximum RAM for OS.

You can use Sun Virtual Box 4.0.2 for this occasion. You can also use other VM but must be compatible with windows 7 or 8. Latest version will be more helpful.

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