Subtitles aren’t working on my comp

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I got a problem with my subtitles. I got a new comp on Windows 7. 

Like another guy my subtitles are appearing as some kind of Chinese dialect.

You explained to him how to fix it, but on Windows 7 is different and can't find the thing I need the change.

Please help me

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Subtitles aren’t working on my comp



Basically all the subtitles are stored in .srt format and sometimes it doesn’t work properly because of missing Codec.

In order to display the desired subtitle you want you have to download a CODEC from third party. It’s totally free.

If this doesn’t work then reinstall your player and definitely it will work.

Thank you.

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Subtitles aren’t working on my comp


In some media players like Windows Media Player, the subtitle feature is turned off or disabled by default. If your video has a subtitle included, the subtitle feature must be enabled first before the subtitle appears on the video. But in other media players like Media Player Classic, the subtitle feature is enabled by default.

No need to configure or enable it because subtitles will automatically appear on the video. If you use Windows Media Player to play your video, turn on the subtitle feature first before the subtitle appears on the video. To turn it on, start Windows Media Player then go to “Play”, “Lyrics, captions, and subtitles” then “On if available”. This should now allow the video to display the subtitle.

In case the subtitle doesn’t appear even after turning on the option, you need to check if the subtitle file is correct. Some subtitles are built-in or coded within the video itself but sometimes the subtitles are in a separate file with the video. In this case, you need to check their file names.

If the subtitle of the video is in a separate file, check that their filenames are identical. Both the video and the subtitle must have the same filenames. For example, if the video is named without quotes “taliban_vs_us_troops.mp4”, the subtitle should be without quotes “” or “taliban_vs_us_troops.sub” whichever subtitle format is used.

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