Sticky Virus In My Computer

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I am using Windows Vista and two viruses were detected by Norton security scan that I have on my system. My computer has been infected with Trojan.ByteVerify and Downloader virus and some other tracking cookies. However, I have not bought the Antivirus software, yet I managed to keep it updated. I called Norton to find how can I get rid of the viruses. They suggested me that I would not be able to remove the viruses even if buy the software since my system got infected before buying the software.
So I checked on internet for solutions. But I did not find anything for Windows Vista. The viruses are located in the following folder, C:UsersAlexAppDataLocalLowSunJavaDeployment cache6.059107cd1bb-22820c7e. I am not very smart with computers. Could you please suggest how can I remove these viruses from my system? I tried removing the infection from my machine using some tools process explorer, helped me to find out the process running on my machine, check the location of unwanted process, stop that process, and remove the infected file from the locations, but still got the same problem.
Hijack this shows everything that load when system starts, run a scan and check the unwanted files and click on fix (be careful while doing this). Make sure to read all the files to be fix because it may delete or remove important files and software, still it does not solve the problem. I have Norton and AVG Antivirus running in my system but both of them are not capable of containing or removing the threat. My friend asked me to format and re-install my Windows Vista but I still have the same problem. I need help please.
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Sticky Virus In My Computer

Hi! Esftech,
I am a bit surprised to read that you still are having the infection even after reinstalling Vista on your computer.
I will try to make a few suggestions on how to avoid getting infected over and over.
  1. For starters, you will need to run a full scan with Bitdefender or Trend Micro Housecall. These online scanners can be reliable since they do the scans from an external source unlike your built-in installed scanners that could be rendered ineffective by viruses and malware. Not only do they scan and clean infections, they also correct changes made to the registry.
  2. You mentioned in your post that you have both Norton and AVG running on your system. This will surely slow down your system, no matter how new your system is. Uninstall both completely and you only have to install a single antivirus scanner on your PC.
  3. Are you the type of user that downloads all sorts of stuff on the net? If you are then you will need some extras to make sure you don’t get infected. Download and install Malwarebytes on your computer. It has a proven track record against all sorts of parasites that plague computers like malware, Trojans, spyware, adware, and root kits. Another effective but similar app is Spybot Search and Destroy. It regularly updates the windows hosts file by blocking sites that are known to harbor spyware. It also has the one click “Immunize” button to automatically do the work for you.
  4. Free Antivirus applications like Avira Antivirus have been proven to effectively protect and block potential infections and is safe for daily use. Another free but reliable program you can use is Avast! Free that has an advanced heuristics engine that can detect unknown threats even before they are identified. Panda Cloud Antivirus is a cloud-based Antivirus that lets you sign up for free. It has been lauded as unique since it does not put a drain on your resources by not installing anything on your computer. It just works as soon as you go online.
  5. Having a dedicated firewall like Zone Alarm is great just to find out who’s making inbound connections as well as informing you where your outbound data is going. Comodo Firewall is an award winning application that works superbly against malware. It also utilizes cloud based behavioral analysis and white listing to protect yourself from anything in the wild.
  6. I’d definitely recommend this last option called Sandboxie since it runs your application in a virtual environment meaning, you can use anything, open any file, run any program in isolation whenever you choose to and even be infected with nothing to worry about. The option to run a specific application in a sandbox protects you from unwanted changes, viruses and malware, or any other user errors you may encounter while running your computer. All you have to do when you are infected while running an app inside the sandbox is to delete that particular sandbox, and all is well again.
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Sticky Virus In My Computer

The virus seems to be spreading over the system beyond the limits of Antivirus. It is useless of trying installing Antivirus programs and scan. As the virus/ viruses has taken over the system. You have mentioned that you formatted the system. Please explain this, did you format whole physical hard disk or just where the system installed? Formatting only the system drive doesn't ensure removal of viruses entirely. Viruses may have hidden in other drives.
You can try this and check whether this will work. Find a person/ friend who has a latest updated (both windows and Antivirus) computer. I prefer up to date Windows security essentials and Kaspersky internet security enabled computer is a better computer. Remove your hard disk and connect it to your friend's computer. Scan the hard disk from that computer and delete virus files when discovered.

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