Steps to find out the mailbox size in powershell.

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Hello Techies, I am new to powershell. I am trying to find out mailbox size but I didn’t get the steps to do it. Can you help me with this?

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Steps to find out the mailbox size in powershell.

  • In powershell mailbox size can be found by using the command “Get-MailboxStatistics”.
  • This command gives the mailbox information like its size, total number of messages and time it was accessed last. Also it gives the details of move report on completed move request of mails.
  • Use the Get-MailboxStatistics cmdlet to return information about a mailbox, such as the size of the mailbox, the number of messages it contains, and the last time it was accessed. In addition, we can get the move history or a move report of a completed move request.

Syntax :


-Database <DatabaseIdParameter>

[[-StoreMailboxIdentity] <StoreMailboxIdParameter>]

[-CopyOnServer <ServerIdParameter>]

[-DomainController <Fqdn>]

[-Filter <String>]






  • For Mailbox servers, Get-MailboxStatistics cmdlet can be used without parameters. It returns the statistics of all mailboxes on all databases running on the local server.
  • Server, Database or Identity any of these parameters are required to find out the mailbox size successfully.


  1. Get-MailboxStatistics -Identity Chethan

Gives the mailbox statistics of the user mailbox Chethan


b)Get-MailboxStatistics -Server MailboxServer03

Gives the mailbox statistics of the mailboxes running on the server    MailboxServer03

c)Get-MailboxStatistics -Identity Chethan -IncludeMoveHistory | Format-List

Gives the summary of move history for the completed move request for the user Chethan

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